Torrance County's Agricultural Program

There are a lot of things we will be planning for the new year! Keep checking out our site for all of the details and we'll also include special dates in the Mountain View Journal.

2017 Events/Programs

Piñon Trees in Distress

Image of ...Pinon affected by Bark Beetle

THEY'RE BACK!! The same species of bark beetle that decimated New Mexico's pinon trees a decade ago have returned. Residents are encouraged to act fast if they want to protect their Pinon Pine trees. We encourage our residents to click and read the links below to gain as much useful information to help protect their trees.

Mosquito Control

That time of the year again! In light of the recent rains and moisture in many areas of the state it might be important to be ready for the increase of mosquitos. Here are some publications that can be useful:

Always be prepared!!