Torrance County's Agricultural Program

Estancia Community Garden 

The Estancia Community Garden is a 30' X 120' plot located on the southwest corner of the Torrance County Fair Grounds in Estancia, NM. There are currently ten (10) raised beds, with more raised beds coming soon. There are no assigned tasks and no assigned plots. Everyone works on everything. At times, it will be a teaching garden, with scheduled opportunities to learn gardening techniques and practices. 

Anyone can volunteer to work! Individuals can volunteer to do specific tasks such as plant, fertilize, and harvest, but no one is assigned tasks. No minimum required time commitment. The garden will be open Mondays and Wednesdays from 8am to noon. 

The Estancia Community Garden is supported by the Torrance County Extension Service and East Torrance Soil & Water Conservation District. 

Please contact our office for more informfation or to volunteer at (505) 544-4333.