Home Economics

Our county's Extension home economics program is committed to providing information to help families deal with the complex issues of today.

Our programs focus on:

  • Improving consumer and family skills
  • Building leadership skills
  • Food and nutrition education / ICAN
  • Diabetes education / Kitchen Creations
  • Family health and wellness

We teach through:

  • Local programs such as school health fairs
  • Community projects such as senior centers
  • Group training sessions for educators
  • And much more!

To attend or schedule an event, please contact the Home Economist at 505-544-4334.

Learn more about Extension programs and resources:

Nutrition Education

Good nutrition is essential to improve and maintain health. Five of the leading causes of death including hear disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and hypertension have links to diet. Obesity now affects over half of all Americans. For programs to truly be effective both diet and simple physical activity should be emphasized for both adults and youth to reduce medical costs incurred by an individual, family and or the County Indigent Fund. According to the Torrance County Health Profile, estimated number of persons with diagnosed & undiagnosed diabetes is approximately 350 Non-Hispanic White and 320 Hispanic. Simple changes, such as healthier food choices and adding regular physical activity can have a significant effect on health and well being of people with diabetes, including educating various family members.

Consumer Education

The outlook for the population in Torrance County is rather bleak. Although the economy of the state has grown, Torrance County has not experienced this same growth. The unemployment rate has risen and the poverty rate for Torrance County residents remains the highest in the state. This is especially dismal as the poverty levels in New Mexico are the highest in the nation. At the same time fewer community residents are receiving public assistance, suggesting that some needy families may be falling through the cracks.